Online Price Analysis

Online Price Analysis System meant for Various Industries

Online Price Analysis CRM Infrastructure

Our Challenges
– Proposal to develop a web based system to help buyers perform price list comparison between few leading hypermarkets.
– Current process is tedious, time consuming and error prone due to:
– Buyers need to search through different systems
– Buyers have to manually search and match the product
– This process is repeated every month as the price changes monthly
– Users need to tabulate matching product, compile its price data into excel for reporting
– Process is error prone as it requires a lot of human intervention

Business Solutions
New system presents the following functionalities:
– Unattended batch process downloads between 2 hypermarkets product price list every month into a central system
– User friendly interface that allows matching of SKU side by side
– User friendly interface that allows searching of SKU by combination of criteria
– System allows entering of factor and automatically converts the price
– System provides recommendation based on previously matched product and logics
– Matched SKU is saved in database
– Reports and analytics can be performed against the databaseonline price analysis crmprice_analysis2