Rebranding Exercise

Taking PurpleConnect to the next level
April 9, 2013

purpleconnect-rebranding After three years of growth since our inception, the time has come for us to re-invent ourselves to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving market. Thus, we have embarked on a re-branding exercise to take PurpleConnect to the next level.

Consisting of a series of reformations and new ideas, this effort is not just gloss over the surface of our brand, but an internal administrative change that stems from the core of our organization that will enhance cohesion, fluidity and service delivery. This exercise is designed to ensure that we standout in the market, underscore our vitality & competitiveness, as well as enhance customer confidence in our ability to provide customized solutions that will meet their needs.

Firstly, a new logo which representing the spirit of PurpleConnect has been introduced. The primary element is a piece of puzzle to position us as the important partner to complement our client’s business.

Secondly, a new corporate identity has been introduced and will be used across the board, and in all our communications. We have also restructured our website to make it more dynamic and exciting as well as user friendly, intuitive and informational. We are going to share our success stories on the site soon, stay tune!

Thirdly, internal development of human capital and upgrading of systems have been implemented to keep us abreast with the latest in technology and know-how. Our conviction is that people are our greatest assets; our management team will be the driving factor behind our service processes. In keeping with our new brand image, we will be conducting regular knowledge sharing and gathering sessions that will continuously upgrade our team’s knowledge and our ability to enhance the quality of service delivery.

The rebranding exercise is a milestone in PurpleConnect’s journey. You are seeing a brand new PurpleConnect, not only the overall look and feel, but also our strengthened delivery capability.