Power BI for Office 365

Business intelligence solution available for the modern world business owners.

Microsoft Excel can be defined as one of the most popular spreadsheet applications that you can find out there. People from every corner of the world use it for their day to day business activities. Microsoft has now given opportunity for the Excel users to create Business Intelligence reports within a short period of time with Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI can simply be defined as an intuitive, familiar and cloud based business intelligence solution available for the modern world business owners. You must have been using Microsoft Excel for decades in order to manage data. Now you can easily enhance the functionality of MS Excel and use it to generate business intelligence reports within a short period of time, thanks to Power BI. MS Power BI comes along with a wide range of unique tools that can be used for data discovery, data analysis and data visualization. In addition, Power BI can easily be integrated with Office 365. This will give you the opportunity to share and collaborate in a better way.

Power BI cloud based software provide access to a wide range of services. The software is built on a manageable, scalable and a trusted platform, so you can use it with a hassle free mind. Once you integrate Power BI with Office 365, you can better self-service analytics on the cloud along with better collaboration capabilities among the users. This can be used to share data across your organization in a convenient manner. Moreover, the mobile version of Power BI supports all the devices that have HTML5 compatibility. In other words, you can view Power BI reports on most of the smartphones available out there.

Power BI can be used to enhance data specific features and capabilities of MS Excel 2013. Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View and Power Map are some of them. The features offered by Power BI for Office 365 can simplify all your self-service business intelligence capabilities that are created in MS Excel. This is done by making them available for all in a collaborative online environment. The Power BI features for Office 365 include Power BI Sites, Power BI Q&A, Power BI Windows Store app and Query and Data Management. In addition, the IT Infrastructure services for Power BI can be used to enable IT professionals to provide, secure and manage Power BI services. They include Provision Power BI for Office 365, Power BI Admin Center and Data Management Gateway. You can also get a detailed video that describes how to provision to Data Management Gateway.

The available subscription plans of Power BI can be divided into three main categories. You can think of your business and go for the best plan out of them. The benefits you get from Power BI are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay. Therefore, all the businesses that are dealing with Microsoft Excel can purchase it without any hesitation.