Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint has become the perfect solution to collaborate and increase productivity.

With it’s roots going as far back as 2001, SharePoint, does exactly what it’s name implies. Allowing you to work online together as a team, Microsoft SharePoint has become the perfect solution to collaborate and increase productivity.

Lets quickly browse through some different scenarios in an organization where Microsoft SharePoint could be successfully deployed, to gain maximum competitive advantage.

HR & Internal CommunicationsMicrosoft SharePoint

Keep everyone informed
Guru’s in management suggest, that one main reasons that organizations fail, is because grassroot level employees do not understand the visions of the managers. Using SharePoint to your advantage, this is one issue you could forgo.
SharePoint offers a social networking solution, that will get your employees talking and discussing great ideas that will eventually take your organization great places! It also offers a place for people to read the latest news and get updated!

Onboard new employees
Try recalling the first day at your first job.
First days are hectic; for both new employees and the HR department. How do you get an entirely new person up to speed with the company, in a short duration? Microsoft SharePoint transforms into a hub where the employee can update him or herself rapidly. The HR department could take advantage of certain features of SharePoint where they would be able to route certain tasks to the new employees, use forms built right into your site, leading to less paperwork and faster completion. Better processes, less time, smoother onboarding.

R&D, Production and Operations

Share your knowledge
The learning curve truly is exponential. Once you have the fundamentals down, the rest can be learnt much faster. The more you know, the better the ideas you come up with and faster. Enjoy knowledge centralization. Years of experience, your best practices all centralized for the betterment of everyone. Don’t forget, learning is a two way street. While others learn from you, you too, can learn from them!

Boost business processes
Microsoft SharePoint focuses on increasing efficiency. That being said, it allows you automate recurring processes with minimal effort and time. Once processes are up and running, SharePoint allows you to monitor your process, keep a tab on things and generate reports when required. Could things get any easier?

Sales and Marketing

Makes your customers and partners happy
Using SharePoint, enjoy the capability to easily build portals for your customers and partners to find out what exactly they need. No more inconveniences in communication between parties. Click and find out, what exactly you need to know!

Engage your audience online
Today’s business world revolves around the axis of information. That being said, people love having access to timely and accurate information. Now enjoy the ability to provide relevant information to all your business stakeholders with minimal effort! Microsoft SharePoint allows you to provide consistent information to relevant people across a plethora of digital devices. Content personalized according to previous interactions, delivered on time and on demand.

Align your teams
Any business is eternally a people game. The better you treat and engage your customers, the better responses you’ll have in return. Using SharePoint enjoy the ability for people to stay in sync. Irrelevant of whether you’re at office or you’re on the go, enjoy seamless updates with all the latest information. What’s more, it also offers the ability for sales and marketing teams to collaborate, share and discuss work, refine products and advertisements and even share best practices and knowledge with customers thereby gaining competitive advantage to act on new opportunities and close deals faster!

Finance and Accounting

Crunch numbers, together
SharePoint makes crunching numbers easier and simpler. While it helps to gather information from all over your system, different departments and various people, it also helps organize your numbers on even the same spreadsheet. And what’s more, working together to crunch numbers is not only fun, but also easier and alot more productive. Results can be shared with a press of a button.


Help meet compliance needs
On the one hand you have the rules, laws and regulations and on the other you have your organization’s IT infrastructure. Having trouble putting the two together? With SharePoint you now have the option of embedding the legal framework, within your IT infrastructure. SharePoint is built to make compliance easy and straightforward making it easier to automate processes to manage, protect and preserve critical data.

Information Technology

Provide the right support
Customer service is something people eternally complain about. Say goodbye to your woes. Using SharePoint you can taking IT support to a whole other level. People get can in touch with you, and browse through already solved problems of the same type and submit tickets to get support. The result? Better systems maintenance with regular health checks, faster more focused conversations between people and IT and finally, satisfied customers.

Empower people and stay in control
Confused as to where you draw the line between centralized control over security along with compliance to manage risks and users wanting more flexibility on SharePoint to work together? SharePoint provides the flexibility people crave while nesting it in the a secure and safe framework ensuring your users are satisfied and you’re doing IT right! It’s a win-win situation.

Enabling a smoother transmission
Over the years, the way people do business has changed significantly. People are on the move more often and use a wide range of mobile devices. Static intranets which used to be the hype have now turned into obsolete technologies that just don’t make the cut. Companies that understand this change are moving into SharePoint, the more dynamic and well developed solution to every company’s needs.

Here at PurpleConnect, our team is not only well versed in Microsoft technologies, they’re also more than experienced to understand your business, your strategies along with your strengths and challenges. Understanding how you work, will help us analyse and forecast how best to implement Microsoft SharePoint in your organization.
Choosing the right tools and features will ensure a tailor-made fit.

Migration & Training
We would be more than happy to assist you in migrating from your existing system into SharePoint in such a way that the people can changeover from one system to the other, almost effortlessly. What’s more, the migration process will include end user training, where the real users would gain understanding how best to utilize SharePoint, to complete their work with easy and efficiency.

Management and Support
Post implementation support after you get Microsoft SharePoint up and running. PurpleConnect will be right here incase something goes a bit off track. Our experts will make it their priority to help you out!
Interested? Drop us a message now and we’ll get right back to you! With your expertise in Microsoft and your secret to success, we’ll do great things together.