Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365, bigger, better and most importantly, online!

Remember the good old office package that had software solutions to suite all your basic business and day to day needs?

Introducing Microsoft Office 365, bigger, better and most importantly, online!

The familiar office, only betterMicrosoft Office 365

The office package, including

  1. Word 2013
  2. Excel 2013
  3. PowerPoint 2013
  5. OneNote 2013
  6. OneDrive
  7. Calendar
  8. People

Enjoy Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote now on the internet. With the ability to create office documents and then share them with the right people, Office 365 is more intuitive than ever before! Your files can be safely stored on OneDrive and then emailed via
Your work, can be managed like never before using Calendar and your people will all be there at the tap of a finger on Office 365 People.
The best part, your software is never going to get outdated, no more constant software patches and updates!

Office on the ‘Cloud’
With the flexibility of having all your important files on the internet, you enable the possibility of going wherever you want; office, home or even on the move. Wherever you decide to go, your files follow, any time of the day, on any device.

Stay connected, even on the move
With business-class email and calendaring, stay connected with everything and everyone important, across all your devices. Use your custom domain name to build your brand, every time you send an email, enjoy free making with your business name being highlighted.

Collaborate Effortlessly
Host multiparty online meetings with HD Video conferencing, real time note taking and screen sharing. Enjoy instant messaging for quick messages on the run.
With the ability to call, IM or video conference, enjoy business meetings with your contacts faster and better than ever before! With online meetings, you can get up to 250 people together, at the push of a button. And what’s more, you’ll be saving a fortune on airplane tickets!

Store, sync and share files simply
To elaborate, file sharing using Office is the simplest you’ll ever use. With the ability to share a file with anyone you want, and control their access level, you’ll enable your organization to keep everyone updated. No more version control issues, with everything in one place, have files centralized and updated!

The Office 365 Trust Center
Worried about saving all your most sensitive information on the internet? Concerned that your data might be hacked or attacked by a virus? The Office 365 Trust Center is the solution. Offering security, compliance and privacy, the Trust Center offers the perfect solutions and services to ensure that your most important data, remains with you and only the people you chose. What’s more, Microsoft continues to update and maintain their security aspects, to ensure that your files are safe.

Why PurpleConnect?
With our roots going back to 2007, PurpleConnect is an organization with a vision to provide customized business solutions to our clients. We strongly believe that every business is unique, that every company has their own corporate ethic and culture, and that the same solutions just won’t work for everyone.

Our team at PurpleConnect comprises of a group of Microsoft specialists including

  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Dynamics
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist – Dynamics
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

And what’s more, ensuring that your company enjoys a smooth and error free transmission into the cloud, is our priority.

We believe that the key to solve problems, is to first understand them. Our experts would act as consultants to your company at this point, and identify and outline the perfect plan for your business. Our experience proves that this ensures a smooth onboarding process.

Analysing and planning the changeover helps to decide the best way to migrate from your current business system onto the Office 365 platform. Not currently using Microsoft office within your business? Worried that your current system won’t be compatible with Microsoft Solutions? Our experts handle changeovers from both Microsoft and Non Microsoft products, so worry not!

We understand your concern for post-implementation solution management. Using a series of workshops we will train your in-house IT team and make them experts in Office 365.
By the end of our training, which includes both technical trainings and also workshops your IT management team would be able to plan, implement, and maintain Office 365 solutions. Bringing experienced consultants who understand real world implementations and industry standards to our programs, it is a given that your IT Team would be prepared for action right after the training.

Not sure how well the Office 365 solutions matches your business? We develop custom tailor made solutions to meet your exact business needs. After all, your business deserves the best!

Still not convinced?
Drop us a message, and we’ll take a look at your organization and work to understand your business and your strategies. We’ve mastered the art of understand your challenges and your strengths to offer premium solutions.
Take a look at some of the work we’ve completed. Here at PurpleConnect, our philosophy is that our key to success, is the success of our clients. With our unparalleled track record, group of experts and experience in the field, you’ll be in safe hands.