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Web Tracking Essentials & Advantages for the Businesses

Are you looking for a web tracker to whom you can and over your entire web tracking activities? Do you believe that web tracking will boost your sales immensely but don’t know where to start from? If you answer positively on any of the above questions, you may have reached your destination. Purple Connect is indeed the one stop shop for your entire web tracking requirements. We at Purple Connect understand the added advantage your business can get by having an efficient web tracking system in place. So just sit back and let us do the needful to get you the best information through web tracking.

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Why Use Web Trackingweb tracking stats
If given an opportunity we can provide you with all the web tracking services, that too with the highest quality and efficiency. With us you can easily find out who is interested in your products and services. This is because we can help you to see the activity of indentified and anonymous visitors to your website. If you want to get an understanding of which of your products and services interest your customers before you make a sales pitch to them all you need to do is let us do the needful for you.

What we will do for you
In case you are wondering as to how we would be able to provide web tracking visitors infoyou with such information that can assist you in cowling your customers well even before making sales to them we give you a brief description of the same here. Whenever any person visits your website, we would track their activity on your website. This will help you know as to what the potential customers are inclined towards. Further, apart from tracking the activity of the visitors, we would also provide you information about the organization these visitors belong to. This would help you in getting a better understanding of the potential customer base. We would then help you obtain the data on anonymous visitors through email links or by getting the visitors to fill in certain forms. We would also conduct a social discovery and linking of past anonymous browsing. Using this information we would provide you with information that would make the potential leads even more obvious and easily accessible. Once your sales pitch is based on such hard core information, making sakes would become much easier for you.

Benefits of obtaining web tracking services from us
web tracking info It is of importance to note that since our services operate in real time, you can get a second by second update on who is viewing your website and the content they are browsing. This data can be easily brought into your system so as to enable you to manage your people accordingly.
We believe that the kind of information that we are capable of providing to you is something that would be immensely useful to your business given the extremely competitive market place. This way you can stay assured that you are able to convert all of your potential customers into actual customers. Further it would also ensure that the sales pitch made by you is well targeted and does not go in vain.

*Note: ClickDimensions is one of PurpleConnect’s technology solutions partners, working together to provide comprehensive solutions utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.