Comprehensive and user-friendly All-in-One Survey Designer for Microsoft CRM

Creating a survey is now easy as never before with the simple and easy to use drag and drop survey designer by survey-formPurpleConnect. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive all in one service which is specially suited for people who are not experts in the realm of technology but are in need of conducting their own surveys. These surveys can be easily mailed to all your contacts, leads and accounts and might even be related to the case records. One can also post a survey on a page so that they can be filled up by any anonymous visitor. While the survey is being completed by a respondent, all the data submitted by him can also be linked to their own CRM record.

What it Takes to Build a Complete Survey Page?
survey question
All you have to do is to make your own list of questions and drag and drop them on a page and afterwards you can make your questionnaire look catchy with footers, custom headers and of course a message of confirmation. That is where your job ends. PurpleConnect’s easy to use drag and drop survey designer is sure to make your task a very easy one. Even a person absolutely lacking in technological skills can now easily create a survey with a little help from the PurpleConnect survey designer.

Innovative Survey Designersurvey question pages
Our innovative survey designer would help you configure all your flexible questions and enable you to create a large variety of survey questions which could include lists, rating scales, multi select option or check boxes, texts and single select option or radio button. You can arrange all your questions in whichever way you want on the survey. PurpleConnect survey designer also have a configurable skip logic option at both the question level and the page. This special feature would allow the user to skip all the questions at the individual level or for entire pages of questions according to the responses selected by the individual respondents. A configuration of the skip logic of PurpleConnect is extremely simple to handle and very flexible at the same time.

Seamless and Easy to Use Survey Page Creator
survey form style
The PurpleConnect survey designer would allow the users to easily configure the footer and header of their survey page so that they can have the desired feel and look. Our special WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) editor will make sure that your survey page looks exactly the way you want it to look. A survey creator will now be able to configure all the HTML or configuration texts which are to be displayed at the time of the submission of the survey. The PurpleConnect survey designer will help you to automate the processes based on responses of surveys in the easiest and fastest possible manner. This feature will make sure that when a respondent completes a survey, one can easily automate the processes according to certain responses.
For instance if one asks the respondent to rate their product on a scale of one to five then he will be able to internally notify people of any rating which is below a definite level with the help of the CRM workflow.

*Note: ClickDimensions is one of PurpleConnect’s technology solutions partners, working together to provide comprehensive solutions utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.