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Social Discovery in CRM

social discovery crm Social discovery is one of the latest terminologies to become popular in the world of technology. Though related to social networking media and the innumerable mobile apps, it is basically a method of discovering information about a person through the various methods employed of which one is the general way and the other is through the various social networking sites that provide reviews, opinions and guidance on an array of products and services. Any extra information got about an individual thought the social media is social discovery, as it is a kind of discovery although the use of the social media networking sites. There are many such social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and others. Purple Connect as a company is connected to all the social networking sites and therefore have a very wide presence in almost all of them. We are able to reach out to customers and clients without being hindered by boundaries or borders.

How it Works?
Though this is done by an individual who does not know the person discovered, the information is there to be discovered. Hence, it is not poaching on information or an illegal action. In fact, this is one form of promotion of products and services. The products and services are written about, reviewed, and “liked” on these pages which then promote the product in the right manner giving information to people who need to know about it. There are many tools that are offered by the social discovery sites to the general public which are all based on high end technology. We at Purple Connect, have extended these services through the various social networking sites and welcome you all to know about us.

Social Discovery in CRM

The information on the various social discovery sites can be fragmented into a number of parts, each one having its own identify and separate information to provide. Information on the various products are highly useful to prospective customers to help them be judicious and smart in the buying. Today social discovery sites are used as sites for affiliate marketing which is one of the latest trends in online marketing. This type of promotion does not affect the experience of the user and at the same time it is profitable for the person marketing a product.
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Why You Need Us?

We at Purple Connect believe that social discovery is the way to go in business promotions today and that is why our technicians with the highest level of expertise in the area have made themselves very well –known. Our IT professionals are highly adept in using the essential social discovery tools and know exactly what their roles and duties are with respect to the generation of social discovery sites. It is our belief that social discovery is an extension of the customer service provided by companies as this is basically done to attract customers to the business and provide all information about businesses. We at Purple Connect are awaiting to service you with our expertise and believe that innovation is the future of business and social discovery is one innovation that has come to stay.

*Note: ClickDimensions is one of PurpleConnect’s technology solutions partners, working together to provide comprehensive solutions utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.