Lead Scoring & Nurture Marketing

The Rationale behind Lead Scoring and Nurture Marketing Strategies

One of the new-age marketing tactics includes focusing on developing sales leads for which lead scoring becomes a handy tool. It is a process involving ranking of leads to help generate a score based upon the degree of inclination and interest shown by probable clients. It helps to develop a better understanding of what are the interests that draw users to a site and also gauge the measure of interest by making them share information with the help of web forms.

Scoring Based on Attributes
The scores may be categorized in different ways to include numerical order, alphabetical or order by terminologies. For instance a ‘high potential lead’ may be given a score of 9 on a scale of 0 to 10. Vice-versa when the chances to obtain a positive response from a lead are poor, the numerical value reduces to 1 or 2 accordingly. The lead scoring methodology is based upon certain attributes and ranking the qualified sales leads on the basis of potential buying interest helps to channelize and convert the ‘high probability customers’ into actual customers. With lead scoring process, you not only get to understand a customer has interest in the website owner’s product range but also realize the quantum of interest being shown by potential customers.

lead scoring by pages

Lead Management Software for Managing Scoreslead scoring value
We at PurpleConnect have the right capability to operate a dedicated lead management system that encompasses the lead scoring process. The software that we have is automated to collect data and also shows how the leads available are managed on the platform so as to send the winning leads for further action of attempting to convert the high-scored leads to sales. The behavior of visitors viewing a company website are known to vary and gaining insights on this helps in setting of lead scoring values. We do diligent scoring of anonymous visitors as well as usual contacts and CRM leads. We also undertake lead scoring process based on customized lead score values.

Nurture Marketing Measures
Another marketing information tool to keep up sustained interest is that nurture marketing systemof nurture marketing program. We make use of a convenient drag-n-drop interface to facilitate the process of nurturing. By doing this, probable customers are subjected to subtle reminders by way of messages. We use an automated nurture program process by which individuals who are not ready for sales are gradually made to develop interest and then probably provide a responding action in order to be scored as a lead. Some of the tasks involved in nurture marketing program include sending email, waiting for response, checking whether any link or email is opened, if yes then assigning, notifying user and the team etc.
The incorporation of lead scoring and nurture marketing in a marketing campaign aids setting records straight with quantifiable information in hand. These in turn helps to fetch greater number of lead conversions thus generating healthier revenue. For further details please feel free to contact PurpleConnect services.

*Note: ClickDimensions is one of PurpleConnect’s technology solutions partners, working together to provide comprehensive solutions utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.