Events & Webinars Management

Integration with GoToWebinar, WebEx and Eventbrite bring all event, registration and attendee information automatically into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Integrated Event Management for Organized Business Operations
Event Webinar Management
Event management is an important practice in every enterprise to ensure the smooth flow of work process. There are various operations in the company ranging from important meetings, delegations, recruitments, and others. PurpleConnect offers the best event management solution to manage every procedure in an organized manner. With our event management system, we maintain records of all registrations, attendee information, and every bit of information that you need to remember.

The PurpleConnect event management platform is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system so that you can periodically edit the details, add new information and perform several other actions. The event management of this order allows the convenience to keep everything under control without the burden of paying heed to remember every bit of information. Simply follow the database and you are on the go.

CRM Event Information Accessibility

Our event management system comprises of several important tools and application to allow the connectors to perform actions such as view their registration information, check the attendances and many other details. The complete data storage and accessibility is based on the cloud technology with high-speed data transfer. Upon the completion of the registration process, the attendees can follow the event management database to acquire information regarding the upcoming webinars, enter and view the attendance details, follow the interest levels, view the question and answers, etc. The data synchronization feature allows the attendees to combine these details to the Microsoft CRM instantly.

Online Training Tool

The online training tool is a comprehensive solution to all necessary operation such as attending the training through webinars and other exclusive individual tutorial sessions, organize and attend group meetings, participate in a seminars that can be attended by maximum of 1000 attendees and much more. For more details, please feel free to contact the PurpleConnect customer support. To join the program, please login or sign up for a new account.

Webinar Application

The webinar application has been specially developed for people looking forward to organize mass delegation, online conferencing and much more. Our comprehensive webinar system is equipped with advanced technology to support the procession with up to 3000 attendees at a time.

Web Based Ticketing System

We offer online ticketing that can be used by anyone from anywhere for creating events, manage the registration process or sell tickets for future events of various types and purposes. The users are free to determine the number of attendees within the upper limit.

Event Integration and Administration

The PurpleConnect event integration and administration is an advanced establishment that allows the attendees to create an event record system to maintain a database of webinars hosted at different points of time, schedule future events, maintain the records of participation in the events and others. There are facilities to synchronize the updated data with other records, important contacts or new group members. Once the data is integrated with other record sheets, the updates can be automatically entered from any source. Apart from records, you can also integrate the feature with other tools as per requirement.