Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore

Assist the Tribunal for Maintenance of Parents in its day to day operations

Enterprise-Wide Case Management System-Case Management System for Tribunal for Maintenance of Parents (TMP) Division

Ministry of Social and Family DevelopmentTo develop and setup a base platform whereby multiple applications across the Ministry of Social and Family Development can be developed and used in the same platform.

Our Main Challenges
New web-based application system is needed to assist the Tribunal for Maintenance of Parents in its day to day operations with the following main objectives:
– To provide means for TMP staff to track and manage cases more effectively;
-To improve efficiency in the process of collating and consolidating case management data for longitudinal studies;
– To provide a platform for timely and efficient data sharing; and
– To generate reports and statisti

Business Results
Contact module – stores the profile (i.e. particulars) of all individuals (e.g. Applicant, Respondent, Approved
Person, Agent, Mediator, Member, Deputy President, President etc) that has an interaction with TMP.
User has to create the contact profile of various parties when registering a case in CRM. If the contact
profile already exists, User can link the contact directly to the case. Duplication detection rules will be in
place to prompt User if the contact that is created already exists in the system.

Case Management – to arrange mediation sessions to help parents and children in reaching an agreement on the amount of maintenance. In the event whereby parties cannot reach an agreement, the case will be heard by the
Following are the various types of cases handled by TMP:
1. New Maintenance
2. Variation
3. Set Aside
4. Appeal

-Handling of appeal case
-Send notification
-workflows for handling rescheduling, cancellation

-SMS – Develop interface to send SMS to Case Parties and Mediator to remind them on upcoming mediation sessions scheduled.

-Dashboards & Reports

Code table maintenance from Singapore reference data model