Ministry of Law, Singapore

Ministry of Law Singapore Utilized CRM to Effectively Manage Day to Day Operations

Setup based platform where multiple applications across the Ministry of Law can be integrated

Develop Singapore Ministry of Lawand setup a base platform whereby multiple applications across the Ministry of Law can be developed and use in the same platform.

Our Main Challenges
New web-based application system is needed to assist the CMC in its day to day operations with the following main objectives:
-To enhance the productivity of the Community Mediation Unit officers by extensively reducing the manual process of maintaining physical paper records;
– To develop an effective system to monitor and update the progress of a case;
– To develop an effective system to maintain records of Community Mediation Centre’s Mediators;
– To provide a platform for timely and efficient data sharing;
– To generate reports and statistics

Business Results
Case Handling – Process where CMU officer handles complaints lodged by Complainants.
Mediation Session – This is the process where mediation session(s) for a Case is recorded and the outcome of the mediation session(s) will be reflected as the outcome of the Case.
Complainant/Respondent – Process where Complainants/Respondents are recorded in CRM in the Contact module.
Account Management – Manage and maintain Company/Organization records in CRM.
Complainants/Respondents may lodge a Case on behalf of their Company/Organization.
Mediator Management -Manage and maintain Mediator records in CRM.
Observer Management – Manage and maintain Observer records in CRM.
Mediator Aide/Intern Management -This is the process to manage and maintain Mediator Aide/Intern records in CRM.
Rating This is the process where CMU officer captures rating for:
– Peer evaluation
– Party (Complainant/Respondent) Feedback
– Observer’s Rating
– Training -This is the process where CMU officer captures training/courses attended by each Mediator.
– SOE Email Integration
– Singpost checking