Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Singapore

General Meeting and Annual Returns Management System for RCS (Registry of Co-operative Societies Units)

MCYS SingaporeSetup a base platform whereby multiple applications across the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports can be developed and used in the same platform.

Our Main Challenges
New application system is needed to assist the Registry of Co-operative Societies in its day to day operations with the following main objectives:
-To capture co-ops information such as registration number, registration date, addresses, contact number, financial and non-financial information and any other relevant information (e.g. copy of audit report, by-laws);
– To maintain register of co-ops and office bearers;
– To monitor and track co-ops‟ compliance for conduct annual general meeting (AGM), annual submission of returns for annual report, audited financial statement (AFS), annual general meeting (AGM) form, list of office bearers, prudential requirement returns;
– To Analyze and generate reports on trends, statistics;
– To generate reminder letters to co-ops for submission of returns and conduct of AGM; and
– To generate management reports.

Business Results
Form configurations:
contact, board member, co-operative society, General meeting & annual returns, risk assessment, dashboard, reports & letters

-manage and maintain the workflows in CRM for use by case management.
-manage the notifications and reminders in CRM.
-process to manage and maintain client/customer records in CRM. All primary, secondary and board member records are referred to as Contacts in CRM.
-process to manage and maintain co-operative society records in CRM. All co-op records are referred to as Accounts in CRM.
-Case history available on each General Meeting and Annual Returns form. A case history record will be automatically created by the system to capture the dates when different actions have been performed.
-Auto Population of Due Dates
-Auto Calculation of Number of Days Late