AIA insurance uses CRM to record all touch points interaction

AIA insurance uses CRM to record all touch points interaction comprising of phone calls, incoming fax, emails and letters.

The solution was integrated with Aspect telephony for screen pop. AIA InsuranceThere was also integration with IVR for customers to inquire past LOG issuance (letter of guarantee). The CRM consists of 10m customer records migrated from backend AS400 policy system. Implementation was focusing on creating 360 degree view of customer, and case management to track the request for LOG issuance. The system will auto send email and SMS to relevant party (hospital and customer) when LOG has been issued. Case module was also used to track complaints and resolution.

The main challenges faced were :

  • Silo systems for customer profile and ticket history
  • Manual preparation of LOG and faxing
  • Unable to generate real time reports and analysis
  • Difficulty to track incoming emails, its escalation and routing workflow since the information is scattered
  • Unable to recognize caller (without screen pop)

Business results :

  • Integrated CRM system that gives holistic view of customer and his past interactions
  • Integration with IVR and Telephony allow instant recognition of caller and ability to provide personalized service
  • Shorter Turn Around Time for case resolution
  • Automated notification when LOG has been issued
  • Proactive follow up on requests to avoid breach of SLA
  • Real time analysis and interactive dashboards for reporting
  • Ability to generate ad-hoc reporting in excel pivot table